Bioinformatics Consultancy

Bioinformatics Consultancy

If you haven't worked with freelancers in your company before or wonder how I usually work -
A typical bioinformatics consulting project might follow these steps:


Send me an email to propose a bioinformatics project
you might like my help with as a freelancer/contractor.
This could e.g. be an NGS pipeline, a PGS data analysis, or consultation on a specific genome informatics question.
We can have a video call or a meeting to discuss the details.


We will set up a written contract and NDA if required in order to avoid misunderstandings.
I work out a proposal for you containing a plan of action and an initial estimate.

Throughout the project we stay in contact to discuss the details and any questions you might have.

I work on your project either independently or in close contact with your team.
My development work is mostly done remotely, we arrange calls or meetings as required.
The work includes documentation and testing.


I deliver the results and we discuss any further changes you might need.
Project times are usually estimated by the day, and time is recorded by the hour.

We can continue to work together as partners whenever you need bioinformatics consulting
or development of custom scripts.