Supplementary data for:

Anna Oberle, Franziska Hanzer, Felix Kokocinski, Anna Ennemoser, Luca Carli, Enrico Vaccari, Markus Hengstschläger, Michael Feichtinger

Evaluation of nanopore sequencing on polar bodies for routine pre-implantation genetic testing for aneuploidy

The raw data (binned read counts of all samples used) can be accessed here.
The format of the files is explained in the following table:

ColumnMeaningExample value
chromRegion coordinates: Chromosomechr1
startRegion coordinates: Start of the bin3000000
endRegion coordinates: End of the bin3500000
cn_changeAutomatically detected copy-number change0
genomic_midRegion coordinates: Midpoint of the bin as a genome-wide coordinate3250000
raw_countsRead number overlapping bin0
countsRead number adjusted by in-silico reference3.804
medianRead number after median-normalization2.961
shrinkerRead number after adjusted with region median3.55109992
counts_smoothRead number after smoothing window3.33059988
percentcountsRead number as percentage of total reads0.0688